Make most of your
IoT data

We help you go beyond data. We bring information.
  • Project definition and analysis
  • Device selection and configuration
  • Dynubo support & IT sytem configuration
  • Data management and support
  • Tailor made applications

IoT Integration

We provide a network of partners to help you to bring your IoT project to the field. From analysing your needs to selecting and configuring devices and the required IT tools. We bring IoT to reality withing a centralised and coherent approach.

Data management and support

With Dynubo you are able to self manage most of your project. However, you may need support in analysing data and working data around. We provide project based or recurrent assistance in guiding you through how to value your data and make your IoT improve your business.

Tailor made applications

We provide you with the required help to develop custom dynubo integrations or applications for end-users. Wether they are based on Mobile applications, Websites or Desktop applications.

Value your business with data

Connecting your business means setting a pipe between the operation level and your business intelligence. Accessing the right information at the right time allows best decisions making.


Data are todays businesses most valuable assets. IoT leads to loads of data that must be integrated into your existing information system or ERP to become valuable and procure impact.

Business Intelligence

Integrated data are easily available and readable to your teams or IT systems. Using the right Business Intelligence tools permits you exploit and transform data into valuable information.

An all-in-one approach

Dynubo has developed an efficient and cost-effective approach to help companies start working with Internet of Things and 4.0 technologies.

Dynubo's approach consists of centralizing your incoming data into Dynubo, an IoT data management middleware. Dynubo collects all data as a single point of access. Data are flattened and harmonized based on their Context.

The architecture provides an efficient and dedicated IoT Data Management system that lets you manage, control, monitor and analyze your data and devices.

This approach is cost effective as only one connection is established between Dynubo and your ERP or IS. Furthermore, Dynubo connects any device within a few clicks.

Dynubo's functionalities make it a sufficient Data Management system on its own that does not require another system. Although the system si very open to inter-connections.

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